2024 Season

2024 Robot Release: Batman


Qualifiers: 9-3-0, ranked 5th

Event Qual High Score: Qual 62 - 90 points

Playoffs: Captain of Alliance #4 (with #3414 and #4377)

Team Playoff High Score: Match 10 (R3) - 85 points

Eliminated Round 4 (Match 12) at 4th place

Awards: District Engineering Inspiration Award


At our first competition of the season, we had many obstacles, but as a team we were able to overcome most of them. Our first issue was that we were having problems with our camera and auton paths, however we were able to program on the spot and make quick changes. On the build side, we had problems with our shooter (side and top plates cracked) and climb (was not high enough to reach the chain). To fix this, we had to change and replace parts on the robot. Despite our difficulties, we were able to Captain the #4 Alliance, and made it to round 4 of the playoffs. We were honored to receive the District Engineering Inspiration Award.

Our highest scoring match 

Macomb Community College, Warren on March 28th, 2024

Week 5 Macomb District Qualifier


 Our week 5 competition was a huge success for our team, where we competed at the Macomb District Qualifier held March 28 - 30. After 12 qualifying matches, our team finished 6th and was the first pick of alliance 3. Unfortunately, we were eliminated again in the quarter-finals. However, we ended the weekend on a high note as we were awarded the Macomb District FIRST Impact Award, the most prestigious award given by FIRST "It honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the mission of FIRST”. In addition to the full team, Paige Morris, a Concord High School Junior was recognized as a Dean’s List Semi-Finalist. This award recognizes Paige’s leadership on the team, and in her community, and her commitment to furthering the mission of FIRST.

 Week 6,  States Championships


On week 6 our team competed in the States Championships! We were in the Aptiv Division. It was such a fun and learning weekend. We had a great start; our robot didn’t smash in half like it did on week 5 so thankfully our vision stayed connected throughout the games. We had some unexpected trouble with our scouting app as it couldn’t reach the server due to the poor connection in the arena. We figured out that if we load the app before stepping into the matches, it would work just fine. We never had a steady ranking, as we kept dropping and moving up throughout the weekend but we ended up as the 4th alliance captain. We chose 1189, Gearheads, and 7166, Red Thunder Robotics, to join our alliance. We made it to the quarter finals and then we were eliminated. We finished the weekend by winning the Creativity Award, and one of our teammates won the Dean's list award! We finished 51st in the state and are headed towards the Robotics Worlds Championships in Houston!

 Week 7 Robotics Worlds Championships in Houston!


The World Robotics Championship was a fantastic experience for our team. We had the opportunity to meet and connect with teams from around the globe, including our friends from Team 9280. Competing in the Galileo field, we reached the elimination matches and we were chosen by the 6th Alliance, and our alliance made it to the semifinals of the elimination matches. We recorded our highest score of 138 in match 74. The event was constantly filled with activity, from attending insightful conferences to playing games of hide and seek throughout the convention center. One of the highlights was crowding around to see Mark Rober and Dean Kamen, as well as the nail-biting championship match and the entertaining Simon Says game. Overall, it was a fantastic experience that allowed us to bond with other teams and strengthen the connections within our own team.