To help other teams like us, we have started to post tutorials for other ftc teams. they will be available on this website and youtube.

Intro to FTC

This is an introductory video for teams just starting FTC. The Nerdbots tell you about what FTC is and what you're going to be doing throughout the season.

Build tutorials

NerdGlides linear slides

In this video, one of our team members, Rohan, is building Our NERD glide linear bearing design for our elevator.

Leadership tutorials

Tips for fundraising

The First Leadership tutorial, this tutorial is all about fundraising! The NerdBots tell you about all the different types of fundraising they did and hopefully help you decide which tactic you and your team want to employ.

Outreach Tutorial

The next tutorial, this one is all about Outreach! The Nerdbots tell you about the types of outreach they did and help you with the decision of what outreach you're team wants to do.

Programing Tutorials

PID and H-drive propulsion

A fun video that goes through what our team did for PID and how they did H-Drive Propulsion.

Vex-vr booster pack

The NerdBots teach you about Vex and teach you the basics of programming in Vex.