Our Outreach Goal

NERD Spark wants to help everyone in the community be successful and excited about STEM. We plan on spreading FIRST and STEM in our community through many different outreach events including volunteering at Innovate Albion’s free STEM Saturday event every 3rd Saturday of the month where we teach students about engineering, programming, and robotics. All of these events are designed to give students exposure to engineering and programming. Every team member on NERD Spark is very dedicated to achieving our goal of spreading FIRST and STEM throughout our community. 


STEM Saturday 

Go to the link to find out are next STEM Saturdays date  https://innovatealbion.org/events/stem-saturdays/ 

There will be activities such as or similar to Lego Building Table, Maze Runner, Circuit Bugs, CNC Router Demo, CAD & Laser Demo, Robot Driving Demo. Join us to learn more about robotics, engineering, and computer science! 

Blue Goggles Mentoring 

The Blue Goggles started as an FLL team that the NerdSpark took under their wing. With much mentoring and guidance from NerdSpark, the Blue Goggles FLL team accelerated and earned a ticket to Worlds! NerdSpark continued to advance this rookie Blue Goggles FTC team by continuing CAD summer classes and further mentoring on both the leadership and robot side. Remarkably the Blue Goggles achieved not only the Inspire Award at Qualifications, but they also lead the winning alliance to win at States advancing them again to Worlds for a second year in a row. This is truly a testament as to how NerdSpark has been able to advance rookie teams to accomplish so much in such an accelerated manner. Blue Goggles stands as a shining example of success through mentorship, perseverance and the real FIRST values.